Product - mSIS
Product for Medical Stores

mSIS is an automation tool for Medical Stores, which uses the Visual Basic graphical interface. This is designed for the Individual medical stores and the independent one. It is easy to use and navigate. It enables you to do processing and activities about 4 times faster than manual work. It generates Internal (for the use of Owner) and External (for the outgoing purpose) reports. It consists of more than 60 reports. It covers all the activities related any medical store like quotation receiving, Purhcase order preparation, comparison of quotations for the Purhcase order, sale of medicine, Medicine receiving etc.


mSIS provides facility for Indoor, Ourdoor sale separately. More than a Purhcase Order can be created at a time. A complete wizard is available for preparing a Purchase order (by the comparision of quotation and Directly).


User can receive more or less than the quantity in the Purchase Order. User can also receive any item other than the item on the Purchase order by the same supplier.


mSIS also provides a Reminder for the medicines. User can also export data from the Reminder at the time of Purhcase Order preparation. User can directly issue medicines to a customer, bill is not necessary for it. User can make the bill later according to the items which he issued to the customer.


Credit facility is also provided for the Indoor patients. When they get discharged from the Hospital then user can make their bill. Items are maintained according to the batches.