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Product Development  

Jointeca is an Educational Products development leader for a converged world, delivering innovative and cost effective products and technologies by using Extreme Programming and Iterative Development Model. From Concept, idea exploration and design, to delivery of today's most advanced and converging technologies for educational solutions, Jointeca is ready to meet the technical challenges you face and deliver the expertise you demand.


Jointeca designs and develops feature-rich products for Educational Institutions, Professionals and Students embracing transformational advances in technology. By leveraging our deep expertise in enterprise, Web-based and user experience driven technologies, we enable our end users to focus on their core competencies while building mission-critical products to sustain, speed and secure the long-term success for the business.

Product Development Methodology  

In Extreme Programming (XP), the phases are carried out in extremely small (or "continuous") steps compared to the older, "batch" processes. The (intentionally incomplete) first pass through the steps might take a day or a week, rather than the months or years of each complete step in the Waterfall model. First, one writes automated tests, to provide concrete goals for development. Next is coding (by a pair of programmers), which is complete when all the tests pass, and the programmers can't think of any more tests that are needed. Design and architecture emerge out of refactoring, and come after coding. The same people who do the coding do design. (Only the last feature — merging design and code — is common to all the other agile processes.) The incomplete but functional system is deployed or demonstrated for (some subset of) the users (at least one of which is on the development team). At this point, the practitioners start again on writing tests for the next most important part of the system.