Product - Prosav
Solution For Post Offices & Insurance Agents

Prosav is an automation tool for Insurance and Saving scheme agents, which uses the Visual Basic graphical interface. This product is specially for the Agents.


It is easy to use and navigate. It enables you to do processing and activities about 4 times faster than manual work. It generates Internal (for the use of Agent) and External (for the outgoing purpose) reports. It consists of more than 100 reports.


It covers all the schemes of POST OFFICE like RD, MIS, SAS, PPF etc. and Insurance related activities like registration in different schemes, Lot preparation in RD, commission detail etc.


Through Prosav you can register the clients for different schemes of POST OFFICE, deposit amount and prepare lot for a group of accounts of RD. You can also given loans to your clients on the basis of their account of RD. You can also deposit amount of a single account or a group of accounts. By the help of Prosav you can also maintain the accounts of sub agents and the groups.

It has a number of features and provides a number of facilities :

Registration to the different schemes of Post Office and policies of Insurance. And reports related to Registration.


Lot Creation


Money deposition (of single account, group wise)


Prosav Reminder


Money distribution to agents and groups


Maintains Commission details for Post Office and Insurance agents separately

  Provides list of clients whose premium is due

Prosav can also be used by the Insurance agents. Through this you can create different type of policies even Money back policies and register clients for them. You can maintain the nominee and appointee detail also.


By the help of Prosav you can maintain the commission detail received from the company. You can also generate the list of all the clients whose Premium is due on the selected month.