Our Services

JOINTECA EDUCATION SOLUTIONS Ltd. provides a range of IT solutions for achieving superior business results in areas of Enterprise Application Solutions and Integrated IT Solutions since 2001. Our team is guided by Dr. B.K. Mishra (Ph.D. from IIT Kanpur) having 30 years experience in this field.

JOINTECA EDUCATION SOLUTIONS Ltd. has delivered successful Enterprises Application Solutions to high profile organizations in India and overseas. It also includes CRM solutions and e-Commerce portals.

In JOINTECA EDUCATION SOLUTIONS Ltd. we have in-house organizational consultants who specialize in aligning organizational strategy, systems, and processes to deliver superior results.


Business Process Consultancy
Product Development
Product Integration & Maintenance
System Integration & Networking

We have a Hardware Support Team also at JOINTECA. So clients have not to worry about their system and Network. Apart from this we also take Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) of machines, in which we provide them preventive and corrective services in order to better upkeep of their Valuable Machines.

We also setup the Local Intranets for the organizations or industries, so that they can manage their working & efficiency faster with the help of Enterprises Resource Planning Management Tools (ERP Tools).

Training & Placement

As we are the leading software development community in northern region of India, we also recruit the most talented young developers and Trainees. We also train students of different streams from various reputed colleges/institutions situated in northern India.

We provide them 1-6 Months On-the-Job Training/Internship every year.

Our highly skilled technical persons trained them to make them a good professional for the Software development community. The Best Trainees are recruited in the JOINTECA. The Trainees used to work on Live Projects in guidance of the Project Leaders, System Analyst and others. They also assist the Trainees in the Client communications, After-Sales Support Team along-with development.

Application Re-engineering

Some of our clients already have some small-scale software or utility to manage their working or System. When we approach them for the new software system, a problem arises, which is Data-transferring from the existing System or some re-structuring of the existing system.

Client has data in his older software and he wants the same data in our software as they don't want to do re-entry- There was a database in older version of DBMS and they entered that data into it. At the time of new introduced System, Client request for the existing Data. So we prepare some patches and utilities for the DBMS so that the Data can be transferred to our new Software system. It requires the study of the existing DBMS and the new one. There must be some compatibility between them.