Training & Placement

As we are the leading software development community in northern region of India, we also recruit the most talented young developers and Trainees. We also train students of different streams from various reputed colleges/institutions situated in northern India. We provide them 1-6 Months On-the-Job Training/Internship every year.


Our highly skilled technical persons trained them to make them a good professional for the Software development community. The Best Trainees are recruited in the JOINTECA. The Trainees used to work on Live Projects in guidance of the Project Leaders, System Analyst and others. They also assist the Trainees in the Client communications, After-Sales Support Team along-with development.


Our previous experiences of five years in training help us to justify the latest scenario & current era of Information Technology to provide the most effective guidance and knowledge to trainees


In our cliental we have multinational groups, govt. institutions, business entrepreneurs, exporters & importers and many more. In concern of the system planning & development these cliental help the trainees to learn & get real life experiences. So that the Trainees can get the perfect qualities to became a complete professionals.


As we are empanelled with the U.P.L.C and certified with ISO9001: 2000 certificate for Design, Development, Supply and Maintenance of the software packages, which shows that we provide proper techniques and skills to our Trainees.


We accommodate selected no. of trainees from various college/institutions of northern India every year.

Procedure to be a Trainee at JOINTECA  
  Categories of the Candidates for Training

Direct Candidates- This category includes the Passed-out Students of M.Sc. (Comp.Sc.), M.C.A., M.I.T. and B.E./B.Tech with minimum one year experience in Software Development.


Candidates from Colleges- This Category includes the students of the stream given below:


1). B.Sc./B.I.T./B.S.S./B.I.S. : Entrance Test and Interview

2). M.C.A./M.Sc./M.I.T. : Entrance Test and Interview

3). B.E./B.Tech. : Entrance Test and Interview

4). M.B.A. (I.T.) : Interview

Points For Training Programs  

The Training session commenced in between January to February months for the 'Category B' while candidates belongs to 'Category A' can contact any time in whole year.


Candidates belongs to 'Category B' can contact through their college's Placement & Training Division or apply personally for the training.


To qualify for the Next Step which is Personal Interview Session the candidate has to pass-out an Entrance Test of 2 Hours duration


Entrance Test includes four parts, they are:


a). Programming Logics and technology
b). Database Techniques
c). Logical Analysis
d). Personal Management


The marking of this test given in Grade A to D.


The Registration Amount is based on the grades received in the Entrance Test.


The Candidates belongs to 'Category A' could contact directly at the Head office of JOINTECA with their Latest Resume and other certifications. But they should also pass the Entrance Test.


There are NO REGISTRATION FEES for candidates belong to 'Category A'.


JOINTECA also provide Stipend to 'Category A' and 'Category B' Candidates, according to their working, behavior and outputs in the period of one to two months.


Successful Candidates can be permanent employee of the JOINTECA.